What do I need to join EC-506th?

1) First of all you need to have CoD UO v.1.41 installed.

2) You also need to have an xfire account. (If not, then visit www.xfire.com and download it.)

3) You are required to speak english in a basic level.

How do I join EC-506th?

1) Join our xfire community at : http://www.xfire.com/communities/easycoclan/

2) Add Ldr. Shadow (cptshadowec) and Ldr. Lord (dsahdasfjsh) on xfire.

2) You may ask an EC-506th member to assist you with your recruitment.

What you need to know about EC-506th.

EC-506th means Easy Company 506th. We are a tactical realism clan,which means we use teamwork and a little bit of tactics. 
We also use military ranks (which are displayed below.)The clan has developed squads.Each member is put into a squad according to his gaming and behavioural abilities.

Clan Tags

While being a member of EC-506th you are required to display these tags on Xfire, aswell as in game.

Xfire : EC-506|(Rank).(Name) - For example, EC-506|Pvt.Smith

In-Game ^^88EC-506|Squad|^^99(Rank).(Name) - For example ^^88EC-506|1stS|^^99Pvt.Smith

Clan trainings

As a tactical realism clan, EC-506th is holding trainings, so that we will be able to develop our tactical, and teamwork skills, as well as have fun playing with other members. Trainings are usually held at Friday - 7PM UK time, Saturday 7PM UK time and Monday 7PM UK time. While in training, the server is passworded. In case a member does not know/remember the password, he may ask another clan member for it. New Recruits will be recieving Basic Training (BT) by an NCO or Officer.If they pass the training, they will be awarded with the rank of Private. If not, they will retry the test until they pass.

Clan Ranks

Leadership Rank (unofficial)

Leader (Ldr.)

General Ranks

General of the Army (GoA.)

General (Gen.)

Lieutenant General (LtGen.)

Major General (MGen.)

Brigadier General (BGen.) 


Colonel (Col.)

Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol.)

Major (Maj.)

Captain (Cpt.)

First Lieutenant (1Lt.)

Second Lieutenant (2Lt.) 

NCO's (Non Commissioned Officers)

First Sergeant (1Sgt.)

Master Sergeant (MSgt.)

Technical Sergeant (TSgt.)

Staff Sergeant (SSgt.)

Sergeant (Sgt.)

Corporal (Cpl.)

Enlisted Soldiers

Private First Class (Pfc.)

Private (Pvt.)


Recruit (Rct.)