History of Easy Company 506th

Easy Company - The Legacy

by Seal (Retired)

Easy Company 506th clan is one of the greatest Call of Duty clans ever created. It all started in November of 2006, when a player, nicknamed Foley, created his own clan, named Easy Company, 506th. He recruited many players, but started out slowly. He made new friends and they found common servers to play on, thus creating an irresistible playing community for many to play in. Eventually, a site was created to connect Easy Company through the internet, as well as ally with new clans. Easy Company, out of all the allied clans, was one of the first created. Our good friends, the Russian Comandoes, are the hosting clans for EC's favorite server collections, Hawks Nest, One and Two. As well as being a competitive clan, they've established good connections with EC over the year. EC would be very different without our RC neighbors. Dog Company came along to, one of our greatest allied clans. Easy Company, they said, could always depend on Dog Company.

Over time passed, Foley began to build more than just a clan... He was building an online community, a legacy to go on further ahead of him.

Easy Company's summer of '07 was a blast. Easy Company's Finest Hour, we like to say. Foley recruited off the charts, pulling many people into the great clan. He had a few leaders, including Frodo and NaveeSeal. Friendly competition with other clans boosted the fun, as well as new servers to explore. Thanks to one of Foley's friends, Easy Company 3rd Leader LoneWolf, Easy Company had a new web site for many people to visit and converse in. LoneWolf also was the proud owner of Easy Company's first server! It was the center of fun in the clan, and LoneWolf kept it running. Foley also made many more changes, such as rankings and PIR's (Parachute Infantry Regiment), which were to revolutionize Easy Company. More and more members flooded in. These would be Easy Company's future veterans. Easy Company was surely in it's finest hour!

As if the sun stopped shining, it came to a halt one fateful day. Beginning of September, 2007... the beginning of the new school year, also known as Easy's Darkest Hour. Our great leader Foley had the responsibility of school, just as we did. Things slowed down. Progress fell, just as the amount of fun we had... leadership was sinking like a burning ship. People were leaving... the clan was shrinking rapidly. Accidents happened, causing fighting, rebellion, and chaos... Easy was dying. One fateful day, when Easy was on the brink of collapsing, Foley decided there was no more time. He ordered the site shut down, and Easy Company disbanded. This was when Easy Company collapsed, and our great leader Foley was gone. Many still wanted to continue on the great clan, but most were those who just wanted power. Just when his troops needed him most, Foley was nowhere to be seen. Rumors of his return still continue to this day. He may already be out there, watching us, as his creation grows...

The aftermath was nothing better. Angry debates of who was leader, a struggle for power. A lust for ideas, a race for advantage. Soon Easy was in pieces, each one being fought over.Then one player stepped up and declared Easy Company his... Punisher. This was when Easy was commandeered by the disciplinary-enforced player Punisher, who had been with EC before. Now he commandeered the clan back to it's feet, but he only had one plan... build back Easy, his way. This was Easy's Punishing Hour. During Easy's Punishing Hour, leader Frodo, stepped up and challenged Punisher to keep easy the way it was, and establish order the way Foley had it. Frodo, one of the oldest leaders and Foley's best friend, shaped Easy into what it is today. Frodo was joined by Idontcare, and partnered with Frodo to become 2nd Leader, and help Frodo challenge Punisher. NaveeSeal, now shortened to Seal, had stepped down as a leader to be with the soldiers in Easy he enjoyed serving with. Frodo was trying his best to rebuild the true Easy Company, but most EC soldiers felt it was better with Punisher. Frodo and IDC fought on. Punisher, having trouble keeping things his way and having been beaten by Frodo, decided to leave Easy. The Punishing Hour was over.

Getting back on it's feet, Easy Company slowly rebuilt itself up from scratch, each piece being put back together. New pieces were added, too. It was time for order once again.
As the chaos dissipated, Frodo kept Easy climbing, never looking back down. With the help of our brother clan, the 90th Infantry, Easy established order. The leaders of the time were Frodo, Idontcare, and Seal who had come to help Easy Company as a leader once more. Easy Company fell into the period know as Easy's Rising Hour.

Easy Company was climbing back on to it's feet, getting higher and higher at a faster rate. Still, leadership was falling behind due to he lack of officers in the clan. There was much peace and alliances in due time, with little more patience. Outside chaos had a way of effecting Easy Company as much as it's allies did. Soon more, though, ways to keep the peace between the allies were being thought up, and it seemed Easy was climbing back into it's Finest Hour. And yet, something yet again, would come to hinder Easy Company and it's progress. Many veterans were coming back to see their old clan. Some of them rejoined. Some say Foley would return soon too! All Easy Company could do was hold it's breathe and wait for the return of their great leader and hero. But the return of Foley was not to come first. The return of one of Easy's old leaders, LoneWolf, was to come first. LoneWolf was back with Easy once again. Easy Company was in the process of testing a new division, the Special Forces, led by leader Seal. Seal was glad to see his old friend LoneWolf back and offered to see if he could get him a leader spot in the SF. This was when LoneWolf had changed his identity to Black Ghost. Now, Ghost was in SF now... but SF was still being formed and Seal tried to make the leaders even. Seal had put Black Ghost in SF, but not as a leader. This did not please Ghost one bit. Ghost left Easy Company to form his own clan, the Red Snipers... a clan soon to rival Easy Company. Ghost had been watching Easy Company, and was not impressed with it's leadership nor rules. He declared war on Easy Company, and his Red Snipers had begun it's crusade to rule over Easy Company. Easy Company, now in it's first major conflict, was fighting the Black War. The war was absolutely devastating. Servers, websites, clan information, being hacked and destroyed. Black Ghost was determined to "cleanse" Easy Company from it's ways. The war was none-the-less uneventful, but that was soon to change. Black Ghost had gotten hold of Easy Company's website, and had changed it so it belonged to him. He kicked out all the current leaders and all members who had fought against him. Easy Company had been taken over by Black Ghost and the Red Snipers.
Even though it had been taken over, there was still resistance. Alternate websites were made, allies informed of the disaster who were still loyal to the true Easy. The members fought for freedom from Black Ghost and the Red Snipers. Still, some were loyal to Black Ghost and his red army. Some Easy Company leaders who were not kicked out of the clan itself but stripped of their power, were playing it loyal to Ghost... but faking it. This was so they could befriend him, and then stab him in the back when they found the opportunity to reclaim Easy. Seal had gotten the farthest, when one of EC's allies, the Russian Comandoes and MF clan, came to the rescue, and talked Black Ghost into handing over Easy Company. After careful negotiation, Easy Company was back in the hands of it's leaders. The Black War was over.

With he aftermath at hand, Easy Company was sorting itself out and counting casualties. Some members had gotten kicked for traitorous acts, and some rewarded for heroism. In the end, Easy Company was left still in shambles. But, the tides were about to change. Appeared one day, was Easy Company's great leader...
Foley had returned! His education had gotten in the way before, but now he had found the time to help his clan back onto it's feet. Foley had plans for making EC back to it's old ways, but with the new members still within it. Foley had issues with the traitors of the Black War, and he showed no mercy on them. He even had thought of leader Seal as a traitor for faking his alliance to Black Ghost. Yet, with the help of Seal's witnesses, Seal had been proven to Foley as one of Easy's most loyal. Black Ghost and his Red Snipers clan had been shown mercy by Easy Company, and they had begun and alliance, and the beginning of a new friendship. Later on, Black Ghost would aid Easy Company throughout it's time.
All of Easy Company was rejoicing the return of their leader at the time. This was the beginning of what would be Easy Company's Second Finest Hour, an hour to last through a long period of Easy's life. Though most of the time it was uneventful due to the educational life of many of it's members, the summer was approaching. Even than, the remainder of the school year so far was non-the-less Easy's Second Finest Hour. Things still looked good. Easy had two of it's own serves, hosted by Viper. A small conflict with the |A.A| clan led to a peaceful agreement. Many alliances we're formed and broken, and again things seemed slow. But the summer was coming.

And it arrived. Easy Company had a great summer in 2008! No war, no turmoil, only small instances of debate. Working together, these problems were taken care of one by one. A seemingly slow summer was getting it's kicks in. But, soon Easy Company was entering it's next hour. This was Easy Company's Transforming Hour. Old friends we're leaving. New ones were coming. First off was Foley. He said his time had come. Leaving a message in the guestbook, he signed off his leadership with a last couple words, then left humbly. Occasionally, he would come on to greet to his fellow members. Foley was one great leader. He had taken us above and beyond. He ennobled us, as we did him. Foley requested that Baker 1, a good general of Foley's, take up his position as main leader. That was not only Easy's first comrade to leave. Frodo, a well-respected and humorous leader, sought his time out to retire after Foley did. Frodo was Foley's closest friend and companion, who was there when this clan started. He too, with a note of good-bye, left the clan to move on. As did Foley, he occasionally sought to greet his old friends.

I, Seal, also thought my time was near. As one of Easy Company's well-respected leaders, I couldn't feel all but upset to leave this great clan. As I've said it a thousand times, this is the greatest clan in CODUO, no matter what anyone says. Most of us leaders leave because we're done. I left because my near future had different things coming to me. I, as did most leaders, have served this clan for well over a year. My only hope is that I had made a difference in the clan and it's members. I do agree that us retired members truly have made a difference somehow to this clan. This is where my story ends. I wish the best to all who come and go in this clan, and I wish Easy Company 506th clan the best of the best! CURRAHEE!

We are the Band of Brothers.

The Retiring of Foley

"Alright guys today is the day i tell u guys im leaving, it has been a good run and good times. I've heard about the problem and that's not the reason why im leaving, im leaving because it's summer and it's time to move on so ill be around probably wont play this game ever again so i just want u guys to have a good time take it easy and have fun... Ill be here just relaxing and i might join the marines i might not if i do i hope u guys wish me luck. Having u guys in my clan has been a blast and i hope u guys remember me even though im gone, I wanna thank Viper for the servers and for the time he gave. and i wanna thank all of EC for ur support... Well guys im out of here good luck, my last wish is that i would like Baker1 to run EC i want him to take over i hope u guys can at least make this happen... goodbye EC." 
Ex. EC-506|1st|Ldr.Foley